We Need These Points


Although I was wrong by telling you yesterday that if Anaheim beat Edmonton last night that they would move past us in the Western Conference Standings, they did indeed pull even with us in points.  They have more wins than we do, but remain in 10th place because they have played one additional game.

Guess what?  We need four out of our next possible four points before the Olympic Break…period.  We.Need.These.Points.

The race in the West in definitely tightening up, and Detroit is going to find teams starting to sjalternatelogobreathe down their neck.  That doesn’t bode well for a team that has been showing a glaring lack of killer instinct.

If we head into the Olympic break with 69 points, we’ll be alright…probably back in the top 8.  If we head to Vancouver with anything less, then prepare yourselves for a wild March (it will be regardless, but at least we’ll feel a little better going into it).

The Sharks are hungry.  Even though they’re running away with the Pacific Division and well on their way to yet another President’s Trophy, they are hungry.  Hungry because they haven’t beaten the Wings all regular season, and they need to prove that they can beat us.  Because if the regular season ends and Detroit is sitting in 8th, that President’s Trophy is going to look a lot less glamorous heading into Cow Palace for Game 1 knowing that got swept by a team plagued with Free Agent Exodus in the off-season and high-profile, long-term injuries all season.

The Wings need to be hungrier.  We need to see some play-off-like desperation.  We need two points and the game plan should be simple: just do whatever it takes.

Let’s go Red Wings.