Vancouver CaSucks

Well, Detroit finished their series almost a week ago and we STILL don’t know who we’re playing in Round 2.  It could be…

  1. San Jose
  2. Nashville
  3. Chicago

How about those Vancouver Canucks letting Chicago slither their way back into this series.  Nothing like going up three games to none in a series, only to have your ass kicked twice in a row – that’s pretty hard to recover from, especially going to game six on the road.

Well, with the help of Chicago’s well-time shovel crew, the Blackhawks have forced game seven, and the Canucks are in trouble….BIG trouble.  I’m a little peeved at the Canucks (if you couldn’t tell by the title).  I really thought that they were going to pull the plug last night on this series…but alas…it wasn’t to be.

The ‘Nucks looked soft…even slightly disinterested last night in overtime of a series-clinching game.

Maybe I’m wrong – but even if Vancouver pulls out game seven at home against the pesky Blackhawks – I don’t see them making it out of round two. 

Los Angeles will be looking to follow suit and force game seven against the Sharks tonight.  If San Jose holds out and Chicago mounts the four-straight comeback as Philly did last year – it will be a rematch against the Sharks for them in round two…which would be interesting.  That combo would also be favorable for us in terms of travel as we would face Bubba down in Nashville.

Still playing the waiting game.