USA Today Gets It Too


Yesterday, I commended Mr. Plank of Fear the Fin for his honesty when he shared with us his fears of having to face the Red Wings in the first round.  Well the band plays on, this time by USA Today talking about the Phoenix Coyotes and the notion that they might be the team unlucky enough to face Detroit in the Western Conference Quarter-Final…

The Phoenix Coyotes have had the unfortunate luck of Detroit meeting the injury bug this season. Every time a Kronwall, Zetterberg or Holmstrom went down, little did Tippett and the Coyotes know that they were the team getting dealt the bad hand. Not only did it potentially shift the Wings into the Coyotes picture, but it meant those guys were going to come back healthy and rested.


“Healthy and rested”… AND ANGRY.  And here we thought that we were the unfortunate ones.  Now let me say (somewhat) up-front, that the author, former player Justin Bourne, may or may not be an actual Phoenix fan…but still, I love outside sources pumping the Wings’ tires.

Get ready for extreme compliments:

If they Wings can pass Nashville and sneak up to the fifth seed, the Coyotes –a team with a great regular season record and their first 100-point season –ends up with a first-round series against the best-coached team in the league, with some of the most talented forwards, good defense, and a goalie who might deserve the MVP trophy. The Wings are a No. 1 seed that’s finally playing like it, looking like the team that won back-to-back Western Conference titles and a Stanley Cup two years ago.

  • Best coached
  • Most talent-forwards
  • Good defense
  • MVP-caliber goalie

Are you blushing yet?  I know some of you are sketchy on Babbles…but not me, and certainly not USA Today.

What about Bubba?

It’s not that I think they’d skate by Nashville in a sweep, it’s that I know Detroit would be the harder series. The Wings are a fifth seed like Matt Cooke is a fan favorite in Boston.

Nice.  Mr. Plank gets it.  Justin Bourne gets it.  Anyone else want to ‘fess up?

No one wants Detroit in the first round…no one.