USA – 6 Norway – 1

So Team USA now is 2-0 after two games and looking pretty decent doing it.   So here’s a recap, mostly of random thoughts, very little having to do with the game itself.

  • Credit to NBC for live game coverage available on their website.  I haven’t seen any real praise for that yet and they deserve it.  More networks should be doing this.  
  • On that note, NBC, you also deserve every beating you’ve taken so far for the coverage of the games, hockey in general.  Preempting coverage for shuffleboard on ice and continuing to have Pierre McGuire on the crew, despite the clear indication that literally, every hockey fan in the world hates him and his absolutely horrid commentary is almost spiteful for true hockey fans.  I used to get excited for national broadcasts of the NHL, I know that because of your coverage, I no longer do. 
  • Also, please stop telling me how great everyone is.  We get it.  Be real commentators for the sake of baby Jesus. 
  • Roneick is good at intermission.  I like him and he makes some good points and is just plain good in front of the camera.  I just wish they gave him more of a chance to give his true opinion rather on the sport  rather than just who’s better, Sidney or Ovechkin.   The reason that Don Cherry is so interesting is that his topic isn’t the same exact thing every damn week.  
  • Raffy with two. Awesome. 
  • Continuing with the NBC bashing, the entire game I felt the main commentary was about how poorly the US was playing.  Nevermind that the shots were something like 40-10.  And the fact that the final was almost identical to the Canadian game against the same team, after which all I heard about was how good Canada was.  
  • Malone with a sick rebound out of mid-air. 
  • Kessel is ridiculously fast…when he wants to be.  Thankfully it appears the Olympics is one of those times.
  • Miller is awsome I can’t see how the US won’t have a shot at any medal with him in net.  Shutouts are overrated anyways. 
  • Every goalie I’ve seen so far has played outstanding, with the exception of Halak last night.   Didn’t look strong at all in net. 
  • I’m really starting to like Backes, even though he’s on St. Louis.  Mostly because he’s got an awesome nickname, Inglorious Backes. 
  • For two weeks, screw every other country, other than Sweden, unless USA meets them in the finals.  Then screw you too Sweden.  Sorry boys, go USA!

Other sport notes:

  • Double luge is the gayest sport in the history of sport.  Naked spa wrestling isn’t as gay as this.  Male ice dancing isn’t as gay as this.  There is absolutely zero point of having two large men on a sled that barley fits one, one guy just sits there and takes it, while the other steers.  Plus the dudeondudeness is tripled by the fact that the two men are wearing skintight speedos, of which one man is laying on TOP of the other man, ass right in his lap.  Just like where Gary prefers to have Sidney sit before bedtime.  And just to make it worse, the commentators rub it in the entire time, saying such suggestive things such as “that position is really keeping them together Bob” and “these men really seem to know each other Bob.”  I’m sure they do Bob, I’m sure they do.
  • I still think I’m missing something from Curling.  I have to be.  It can’t simply be shuffleboard on ice…it simply can’t.  There has to be some part of the game I’m missing.  Maybe at the end of each round (I have yet to make it a full round, so I don’t know), the winning team gets to throw one haymaker into the other team’s face.  And if he/she/it falls down, then you win.  If not, then you play another round.  If this is so, I will be tuning in.  And I would also be apologetic for NBC for mocking you earlier for this.  My bad guys, that’s awesome.
  • You absolutely have to listen to this rap from Down Goes Brown.  Funniest thing on the internet right now.