Unlikely Heroes Taking Charge

When asked about forwards like The Namesake, Patrick Eaves, and Drew Miller, here is winged_wheelwhat Coach Babcock told the Detroit News:

“We wouldn’t have any wins if it weren’t for those guys.  It’s not like our big guys have been scoring like crazy.”

Babbles certainly likes to wrap his compliments in insults.

Here’s what Jimmy had to say about the game last night:

“This was a fun way to get two points.  They got lucky bounces, but for the most part, I thought we controlled the game. That’s the name of the game — bounces.  Some nights you get them and some nights you don’t. We’re walking out of here with two points and that’s the key.”

Amen.  And you walked out of there in a play-off position with a chance to leapfrog the very same team you play on Saturday.  Quite the opportunity, I would say.

The hero of the day was definitely Drew Miller, who is quickly becoming a fan favorite.  He had never even attempted a shoot-out in the NHL before last night.  And he ended up winning the game for us…

“When you are coming in, you see a certain part of the net and you just read and react.  We feel we’ve been playing real well and not getting the results we wanted. Getting one point isn’t going to get us into the playoffs.  We need to be getting two points.” —Drew Miller

He probably sprouted a few more pre-mature gray hairs when his number was called to shoot.  Regardless, the kid did his job, unlike his stupid older brother…but I’m not bitter.

Time to put the Kings in the rear-view mirror tomorrow where they belong.