Under Pressure

“Oh, I feel pressure because I want to win.  That’s what we do here, we win. The reason we win is we ‘out determine’ you in the end and we just keep on coming.  So far in this series, they’ve done a better job of that part of the game. We have got to be better and we understand that totally.”–Mike Babock

That’s from Slam Sports this morning.  Todd Bertuzzi had an equally blunt response when asked about feeling pressure being down in this series:

“Guys know what to do here.  We’re not young little kids anymore. I think we’re all guys who have been around and know the situation and know how important this game is before we go back to Phoenix.”

Heading back into the desert with the series tied would be huge.  Down 3-1?  Then I’ll be nervous.  Can we beat this team 3 times in a row?  You bet we can…but it wouldn’t be easy.

So let’s just win tonight and take some of that pressure off.  In fact, if we take this game tonight, especially in going-away fashion, then the pressure shifts completely to Phoenix.  Let’s see how the desert pups react to a little adversity….well…adversity that doesn’t include attendance or financials.