2010 UFA’s: Right Wingers

So we looked at centers yesterday and nothing looked very appetizing.  What about those listed on the Right Wing?

Honestly, the only one I see on there who is worth his salary (in my oppinion) is Todd Bertuzzi, except for Arron Asham who is probably due for a significant pay raise.  There is not a whole lot of youth on this list, nor is there a wealth of talent.  Hopefully, Bertuzzi’s agent stops playing hardball and let’s Bert re-sign for what value is fair to Detroit, and not fair to the market.

I can believe that Anaheim was paying Artyukhin a cool million to do nothing but goon it up.  If you’re looking for grit, he might be the guy to look at…all the other bump and grinders are getting a little up there in years…unless you’re looking for a short-term rental.

What do you guys think?  I say we just re-sign Bert and call it good on the right wing.