2010 UFA’s: Centers

Since we haven’t spent much time looking at any other upcoming Free Agents aside from our own…let’s look at the shopping lists for everyone.  Here are the Centers that are (or were) slated to become UFA’s on July 1st of this year…

The red “NA” means that the player has already been re-signed by the team listed.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure that we can cross off pretty much every center all the way down to Kyle “even Google thinks I’m fat” Wellwood.  Anyone interested in a younger (and less in your face) Todd Bertuzzi?  I didn’t think so.

Detroit is extremely solid down the middle and even has good second options in the event that first center gets kicked out of the draw.

  1. Datsyuk (Franzen replaces)
  2. Zetterberg (Filppula replaces)
  3. The Namesake (Draper replaces)
  4. Abdelkader (Miller replaces)

Line 4 is obviously depends on who we sign.  But do we really need another center?  I think not.  But if Kenny is indeed shopping one of the players listed above…who would you want (taking Cap into consideration of course)?