Twig Takes On: 1/28

Whew boy, that was a stinker last night.  Ozzie lateral movement was baffling.  He looked winged_wheelhorrible last night.  Since Twig (one of the 5-6 regular commenters here at NOHS) always leaves a gem for me to find when I get into the office…might as well start making a regular post-game reaction section out of it.

Think you can top my man Twig?  You’re welcome to try.  Here’s what he had to say about last night’s game…

written by Twig, January 27, 2010
games like this are why i quit blogging. thank you for continuing and giving me a place to destroy my keyboard.

It was a tough one to watch, that’s for sure.  When a team scores 3 goals on 8 shots in the first period…your team is probably not going to win.  I admittedly turned the game off after the 5th one went in and watched my recorded Jimmie Johnson 24/7: Race to Daytona on HBO…far less stressful.

Since Calgary forced a shootout with Dallas last night (and lost), they still secured one more point than we did last night to draw even with us.  We’re officially out of the top eight again.  Nashville awaits us tomorrow, they’ve been idle for a few days.  A win will even us up with Bubba in the points department, but not in the standings because we’ve played an extra game.

Remember to bring a smoke detector to the game on the morrow if you’re going, it might just save someone’s life.