Trying to Move On


From Khan(!)

“No sense questioning anything.  We’re in charge, we have to look after it. We can’t be going to the box. We got to look after our own sticks and our own play.”–Mike Babcock

Nick Lidstrom wouldn’t speak with to Ansar about the penalties.  Bertuzzi was much too angry to comment.  Babcock had his usual “Yeah I could say a lot, but I’m not going to” kind of comment.

Zetterberg had this to say:

“You can’t really let it get to you, you just have to go out and play and hope that eventually it’ll turn on your side.  But it’s definitely tough to win games when you’re in the box that much.”

But it’s time to move on people.  We can’t control the officiating.  It is what it is, and it will always be that way. We were down to Vancouver back in ’02 heading West and came back and won.  We were up 2-0 heading into Pittsburgh last season and lost.  A 2-0 deficit is not insurmountable.

We have been the better team in these two games.  We haven’t been the luckier team.  The good thing about luck is that it helps a team in a series, but a team never wins a seven game series based on luck alone.

Detroit just needs to keep working hard.  Zetterberg needs to keep playing 120 ft out there, Brad Stuart needs to keep playing like he’s out for revenge.  Jimmy needs to keep coming up with the big saves.

This call on Abdelkader was weak to the say the least…and of course they scored on the ensuing power play.  They made a make-up call for this one on Heatley, but that only made it 4-on-4…so it really was not a tit-for-tat.

The officiating can’t stay tilted towards Detroit for the whole series, and do you know why?  Because that would require a level of consistency which is absolutely sacrilege to NHL officiating.

The tide will turn and the Sharks will end up on the beach struggling for air.  Down 2-0 heading into Detroit…and if we head back to San Jose with the series tied 2-2?  Those fish will be eating each other under the pressure.  Just keep playing.  Like I said in the Phoenix series…

Chin up, stick down, and skate.