Trev Hearts May


It could have been titled: “Trev takes On – Holding Back Tears”.  In his latest post on, Trevor Thompson laments the waiving of Brad May.  I’m starting to like these reads, though obviously John Keating is a lot funnier than Trevor Thompson.  But anyway…

The team tough guy is always a fan favorite. I can tell you, firsthand, that he’s also almost always one of the nicest, funniest, personable, well-thought-of players in the room — and often gives the best interviews.

There he goes, waiving that all and powerful access in our faces…Pinky would be furious.  It won’t even be the last time Trev throws a covert “look what I get to do” at us in this article.  But let’s move on to the guts of this thing… 


I hate to see him go. I wish a different move had been made, but it’s not my call. This is what the salary cap does to teams. GMs are forced to make tough calls and live with them.


And what, pray-tell, would have been the different move that you would have made should the call have been yours?  I’m quite curious.  Would you waive both Meech and Lebda (tempting) in order to keep Brad May around?  Okay, maybe that’s the wrong question to ask. Let me put it another way; now that Boogerman Leino is gone, which forward do you sit in order to put Brad May in the lineup?

Forget about that for a second and just listen to this charming little tale…

In his last interview with me (which wasn’t really an interview) May participated in a segment of “Trev Takes On” in which we went at in Wii Boxing. It was hilarious and we had a blast. He was a joy to work with, although I did work him over for the win.  He didn’t like that one bit, but he sucked it up with grace and moved on. I’m imagining the same could be said when he was given the news about his future with the Wings; he didn’t like, but he sucked it up with grace and professionalism.

Touching, no?