Tracking the Transaction

11:15 AM Per Bob McKenzie’s twitter:

“Det expected to waive Brad May today and put a player on LTI to make room for Lilja.”

Umm…who’s going on LTI?  Kronwall?  Eaves?  What is going on?

12:15 PM Per Bob McKenzie’s twitter:

“Cheechoo (Ott), Lundmark (Cgy) and May (Det) on waivers. Brashear clears.

1:30 PM Per my insider’s text:

“Early word is that May left with all his stuff.  I walked past Kenny eating lunch with the PR guy.  Whatever else it is, he must be done because he isn’t working the phones anymore.”

2:30 PM Per me:

We’re only a half hour away from this song and dance to be over with and the only move has been the waiving of Brad May.  He’ll be eligible to clear waivers on Saturday at which point he’ll be sent to Grand Rapids.  That still doesn’t leave enough room for Lilja.  There has to be another move made.

2:45 PM Per Khan(!)

I missed this earlier…

Andreas Lilja will play the fifth and final game of his conditioning stint with Grand Rapids tonight in Houston. He will remain on long-term injured reserve, not counting against the 23-man roster or salary cap, until he is cleared by Wings’ doctors, which could happen as early as Saturday. After playing five games in the AHL, it’s unlikely that he wouldn’t be cleared.

Psst.  Hey, doc…you’d be doing us a big favor if you said that you don’t think he’d be available to play just yet.

3:00 PM Per me:

The trade freeze is on, but that doesn’t mean the Wings are done.  If Lilja gets cleared by the doctors to play tomorrow, the Wings will have to waive someone as his Gary’s Cap hit comes back on the books.  The waiving of Brad May (the only transaction tracked by this thread) was not enough for Lilja to come back.

Another option being kicked around is to waive Andreas Lilja and hope that no one claims him.  That way, he could stay in Grand Rapids until the post-season where Gary’s Cap becomes meaningless.