Tonight’s Lineup vs WAS

Here’s what we’re going with tonight at Verizon Center via Khan(!)



Osgood (starting)

That’s right, Ozzie is back (starting) between the pipes for the first time in what seems like a dog’s age.  Here’s what the Wizard of Oz had to say:

“At the start of the year Howie didn’t play for about a month and then I didn’t play for a month. To me that’s not a good way of doing things, to let one guy get stagnant.  You have to have both guys going, especially with the amount of games we have, especially coming back after the Olympic break we have a ton of games in March. So we have to have two guys in case something happens.’’

Stop whining, Osgood and be happy that you’re getting the nod tonight.  Chances that this little stint is a last ditch effort to get Ozzie’s value up come trade deadline?  I’m just throwing it out there…

Oh and why not play Ville Leino tonight?  This is the exact place that he started getting us all excited.  Maybe he can re-capture some of that magic tonight.  Please?  Pretty please?