Tonight’s Lineup vs MIN

Khan(!) with the lines for tonight…



Osgood (starting)

Back to back games means it’s Ozzie’s time to shine.  Dust off the cob-webs, Chris…you’re going in.

But the big news comes from the stable where The Mule is being kept…

“I’m good to go when I feel ready.  Maybe a couple more weeks. (The knee) doesn’t hurt.”–Johan Franzen

franzen8Franzen met with doctors yesterday who have cleared him to play.  Now he just needs to get back in shape.  All of you out there who have actually played hockey know that being in good stationary bike, treadmill, or even regular biking and running shape is NOT the same as being in good skating shape.  The legs can get pretty heavy out there, and Franzen knows this all too well…

“I haven’t used them in 3 1/2 months.  One practice I skated hard, then I was sore the rest of the week.  It’s going to take its time.  The way I feel now after one hard practice, I need two rest days to get back. I got to improve that.”

Jason Williams is said to be good to go for Friday, so long as he gets the green light.

And why are we playing Derek Meech instead of Bret Lebda?  Two NOHS readers are about to see their debate come to a head.