Today is Election Day!


Today is Election Day and I want you to realize, just for a moment, the important power you wield as a citizen of the free world.  The Greatest Empire of All Times and Places (post-1800) has bestowed upon you a great honour:  The ability to choose the destiny of those you love.

So it is with these sentiments I present to you a simple link, which you may follow at your own responsibility and peril to decide the fate of the future.

Your choices are:

Sand – which premiered the twenty seventh of October and chronicles the seemingly invincible, heroic rogue wild west gunslinger.

The New Kid – this one premiered on October 29th and follows a young boy whose father is in the midst of a relocation, much to the boy’s dismay.

Queen of Bells – Premiering just yesterday, this is a female character from a Medieval –esque fantasy world cast as a sort of Joan of Arc, a heroine as well as a rebel.

Let me know what you all think, and who you choose; I’ll share my vote with you when Election Day is over.  And remember that democracy can’t succeed if nobody votes; a voter turnout of less than 50% of the population defeats the purpose of holding the vote in the first place.  And to echo the words of the Great Thomas Jefferson:

If you don’t go vote you’re clearly a d*** and I hate you.

God Bless America and Let’s Go Red Wings.