Time to Pull the Plug


My apologies to Mike Serven, Sullyosis, Bingo Bango Jessie, and all the other Red Wings fans out in the desert who can only see the Winged Wheel live when they play the Coyotes – but it’s time to get hockey out of Arizona.  I’ve been saying it for years, and maybe THIS will finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

That’s right, the city of Glendale is once again feuding with the potential buyer of their franchise.  Jim Balsillie tried to buy the team before the NHL could get involved so he could move the franchise to Hamilton.  Well, Gary stepped in and put a stop to that.  Then a number of suitors have tried to purchase the team but none of them have actually gone through with the deal.

The city of Glendale keeps chasing buyers away, so maybe it’s time to chase the franchise away from the city of Glendale.  And I am far from the only person who thinks this way – and I’m not even from Quebec or Winnipeg.  Check out what The Hockey Writers had to say:

This undeniable fact has worked against the Coyotes from the beginning, as fans of more established franchises like the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks consistently outnumber the fans of the ‘Yotes who show up at the games.


With a fan base that the team has a hard time energizing, and with attendance numbers and TV ratings still ranking amongst the worst in the league, the issues Ice Edge is apparently having in getting their numbers together may be a blessing in disguise for the league and for the team. If this deal ends up falling through, and the team is cast back into the limbo that it found itself mired in prior to last season, then the league owes it to the other 29 franchises to pull the plug on this experiment in team saving, and allow the Coyotes to be moved to another city.

No one can say the NHL has done absolutely everything that it could to keep this team from moving – but there HAS to be a point where they say “enough is enough”. It hardly seems fair to let 29 other teams subsidize a dying franchise just because the league refuses to admit that it’s experiment was a failure.

It’s time to pull the plug and move this team to place that actually cares about it.  It’s time to ALLOW this team to make some G.D. money.

So sorry to all those transplanted hockey fans from across the country that occasionally go to see the Phoenix Coyotes play when their real favorite team comes to town…but your numbers are just not strong enough to lift this team into profitability.