Thoughts on Slava

More from the Free Press on the Slava Kozlov discussion:


The NHL trade deadline is 3 p.m. Wednesday.

There’s nothing yet to suggest that a deal is imminent, but Kozlov would fit what the Wings are looking for: a depth forward. The question now becomes whether any of Detroit’s expendable defensemen intrigue the Thrashers and whether the Wings could fit Kozlov under the salary cap.

Kozlov has a no-trade clause but told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he would waive it to go to a club where he’ll play. He has fallen out of the rotation with the Thrashers.

The question about bringing Slava back is ‘who does he take out of the lineup?’

There’s only one or two guys that could be on the chopping block if Kozlov hopes to get ice in Detroit.  Check out the lines…


Do you bring in Kozlov, and throw Miller on the 4th line?  Does Miller find himself off of the roster?  Tough call.