This Week’s Game

Wednesday is here! Which means the Red Wings will play their weekly game of ice hockey, this time against the St. Lose Blues. Norris Division Rival? Oh yeah. Some great magic within this rivalry throughout the years; anything from Stevie Y scoring a goal that legends are made of to Joey Kocur as assistant coach throwing a human baby out onto the ice in protest of the officiating. But something about this rivalry just doesn’t seem the same without St. Louis overachieving in the regular season and choking in the playoffs, only to have us laugh out of relief in the heart-stopped-face of Chris Pronger. Too bad Mike Keenan and Joel Quenville bounce around the NHL like a coaching versions of Ray Whitney, because beating teams they coach have made me feel extra special inside.

Anyway, Wings fans know St. Lose too well, and no one was worried when they won something like 21 of their first 15 games and were projected to finish first in the Division by two score worth of points. Some people were saying St. Lose was the real deal. I disagreed. In any event, the Blues are finally looking up to par (by which I mean their fans are singing the Blues. Lame, I know, I’m no funny when I’m sober).

Last 4 games they have been outscored 22 – 9. A -13 Goal differential in only 4 games has completely undone their hot start. Somehow, they managed one point in those four games (a 3-2 OT loss against Nashville). This should indicate to you how bad the other 3 beat downs were.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, we’ll sing it as we stroll through the district along the Mississippi River as we hit the bars leaving the Keil Center. Or Savvis Center. Or Scottrade Arena. Or Civic Center or whatever-the-hell they call it these days.  St. Louis does NOT scare Detroit.  Never will.

With T.J. Oshie out and the Blues hitting the wall after a fast start, I don’t think anyone should be thinking that this is the game where our wheels fall off, where we sputter and begin a skid, where Jack Bower finally shows up flashing an FBI badge firing his Beretta 9mm in order to subdue Todd Bertuzzi.

Enjoy the game and, as always, Let’s Go Red Wings.