This Should Make Wings Fans Laugh

From the Bleacher Report:

All types of Chicago Blackhawk fans are ready to abandon Tomas Kopecky’s salary in order to re-sign Antti Niemi.

Oh dear lord…didn’t they throw a parade when they took this guy away from Detroit?  Oh..that’s right – Marian Hossa was there too.  Are you trying to tell me that Chicago was more excited about Hossa than Kopecky?  That they are already willing to give up on him?


Tomas Kopecky has established himself over the years, and even more so after his first season with the Blackhawks. Kopecky played from 2005-2009 on the Detroit Redwings. An injury from former Chicago Blackhawk Jim Vandermeer in the 2006-2007 season limited his ability to shine his true talent.

Ahem…established?  This year was his FIRST year breaking the 20 point barrier…and he did it by one stinking point.  He played in 74 out of 82 games and got time on the power play…you cannot tell me that his true talent wasn’t shown this year – it was just easy to miss.

With a portion of the Blackhawks team gone, Kopecky is a vital piece. Even though he is not as big as Dustin Byfuglien, Kopecky is known for his aggressive approach all over the ice. If Kopecky is given the chance he can focus his energy in front of the net. He may not have the size, but he has the motivation and the talent. This is now Tomas Kopecky’s time to shine and prove he is here to stay as a Chicago Blackhawk.

Well if you can’t keep Marty Reasoner around for just over a million, what chance does a guy like Kopecky have?  Maybe somone else will broker a deal for Tomas and his boyfriend Marian…again.

Still – this makes me laugh because people kept throwing Kopecky’s name in their with Hossa, Samuelsson, and Hudler for key contributors lost in the ’09 off-season.  Yeah, we were really hard pressed to find those extra 6 goals.

And now Chicago fans are already giving up on the guy…much like Detroit did when Chicago “stole him away”.