There’s One in All of Us

This is a big game.  They’re all big games, but if ever Detroit was to win at home (in the regular season), it should be this one.  We have a kid all the way from Brazil in town to see this one and a lot of people who have done tremendous things, small and large, to make this happen and to donate lots and lots of money to charity.  It’s a game against the Minnesota Wild, but more importantly, it’s the culmination of H2H. 

Here’s your poster, a recent movie based off of one of my favorite children’s books.  Good win last night Pinky, but you know what I think Joe Louis Arena is tonight?

March 26th: Minnesota Wild @ Detroit Red Wings

An adolescent named Herm has an active imagination, and he will throw fits if others don’t go along with what he wants. Herm – following an incident with The 19 from A2Y and their friends, and following a party at Hockeytown Cafe which they throw as a result of his internet friends paying more in charity to the DMC Children’s Hospital than to him – runs away from home. Wearing his Helm jersey at the time, Herm not only runs away physically, but runs toward a world in his imagination. This world, an ocean away, is inhabited by large wild beasts, including one named Jonathan Ericsson who is much like Herm himself in temperament. Instead of eating Herm like they normally would with creatures of his type, the Red Wings befriend Herm after he proclaims himself a king who can magically solve all their problems.

Let’s win this one for Herm and all the people who helped make this night happen.  Go Wings!