And Then There Were Three

So as the sidebar says, I started NOHS back in July of 2009.

In October, I headed over to Stockholm to catch the Premiere Games between Detroit and St. Louis.  I didn’t have a laptop at the time, and even if I did, I didn’t know what my posting abilities were going to be.  So I brought my former stupid goalie and future best man, Chris aboard to keep the torch burning while I was away.

Until now, it has been just he and I running things around here.

But for the just the second time in NOHS history, we are expanding our staff by one.  Many of you who run in many circles throughout the Red Wings blogosphere are already quite familiar with this young copper miner from the deserts of Arizona.  For those of you not familiar with his work, you can check out his little guest piece called “Phaux Hockey” which we ran back here in April after a Wings/Coyotes game.

You know him as Sullyosis… or “Sully” for short.

Chris and I decided as a team that it was time time to bring in some new blood.  And since so many of you seemed to enjoy Sully’s little tirade as much as he enjoyed writing.  For the time being,  he’ll be posting once a week on here in a segment called “Saturday’s with Sully”.  Every weekend,  we’re letting Sully pour his little heart about….whatever the hell pops into the head of a die-hard Red Wings fan stuck in the copper mines of Arizona.

Once the season gets going,  it’s highly likely that Sully will be contributing more than just the once a week spot we’re giving.  But for now,  welcome him aboard and be sure to check back in tomorrow for his first installment of “Saturday’s with Sully” to get the proper introduction.