The Worst Preseason Predictions on the Internet

Take a look at these predictions and tell me what you think.

  • Detroit: The Red Wings will not end the season with either Jimmy Howard or Chris Osgood in goal. They will make a move at the deadline, that will give them what they need to make their typical late season run.
  • Western Conference
    1. Vancouver
    2. San Jose
    3. Chicago
    4. St. Louis
    5. Edmonton
    6. Nashville
    7. LA Kings
    8. Calgary
    9. Anaheim
    10. Detroit

    11. Columbus
    12. Phoenix
    13. Minnesota
    14. Colorado
    15. Dallas
  • The Detroit Red Wings:
    There was a point last year when people around the NHL, even people connected to the Red Wings were the first to admit the ONLY reason Detroit had any prayer at making the playoffs was Jimmy Howard. The 10-11 Red Wings lost Lebda and Lilja, and added Hudler and Modano. Not much in reality. Will Hudler and Modano make a difference? a bit. Most will point to injuries when looking at last year’s Wings and that is justifiable. The Wings of 09-10 did what many great Wings teams of the past decade have done…they turned it on down the stretch and made the playoffs. However they also did something that Wings team never do: Barely survive the first round and get swept in the second round. There are many who feel the Wings are the team to watch. That they will return to prominence. I do like young players like Helm and Abdelkader…but I don’t see these Wings being dominant. Not at this point at least.

Update (9:55 PM): I didn’t link to the guy because I don’t want to give him any more hits. He loves that stuff. If you are curious, head to the comments.

Now, not only ignoring the fact that it looks like a crack smoking four year old wrote it and the inaccuracies within (swept in the second round? typical late season run to make the playoffs?), would you believe that some idiots pay for these insights and predictions?  This is worse than some bitter drunk Dive fan writing on hfboards.  Would you believe that “articles” like this got him a gig last season on Versus’ website in the playoffs?  Oh Versus, how I loathe you.

Would you believe that the NHL has basically accepted this man as standard for what a “blogger” can deliver?  It is true.  He’s been the representative for “bloggers” at many events, including the Professional Hockey Writers Association.  Wonder why the mainstream think that bloggers are a joke?  Finally, would you believe that this farce has been going on for over five years now…

It is all truly a shame for the bloggers out there that write pieces that outclass anything the mainstream can produce that they have to be associated with this talentless joke.