The Sushi is Still Scared

Hey gang,


Just found this and wanted to pass it on, because things like this make me happy.  From Fear the Fin:

Watching the games unfold last night, I was put in a situation that made me feel uneasy. 

I was rooting for the Detroit Red WIngs… and damn it all, I’ll be rooting for them to win until the regular season comes to a close.

Ah yes, just like Hades in the new Clash of the Titans (it was okay), your mortal fear makes us stronger.

Is anybody apprehensive about the possibility of playing San Jose in the play-offs?  I didn’t think so.  Actually, that might work in San Jose’s favor.  Of course, the players will ultimately decide what happens on the ice (duh).  But should the Red Wings draw the Sushi’s number in round one, two, or three…I would hope that they don’t go in overconfident…nervous San Jose bloggers and angry media members aside.