The Seafood Awaits

And we get the stress rolling pretty much right away when the Red Wings face-off against the Seafood tomorrow night.  Sushi anyone?


Our Bloguin friends over at Couch Tarts (it’s a San Jose blog) are famous for their artwork, but do tend to write things about hockey occasionally.  They previewed last night’s Game 7 since they had to face the winner.  The post only got two comments, but here’s what their readers had to say:

written by ZeroIndulgence, April 27, 2010
First and foremost, I’m cheering for multiple overtimes! Second, I’m cheering for the Yotes, because the Red Wings are evil.

written by joelski, April 27, 2010 
 You want the ‘Yotes, trust me.
These Wings fans are utterly the worst in the league. You’ll go to jail for beating up too many Wings fans.