The Race is On

Yes, my friends, the race for 5th place in the Western Conference is tighter than Chris’s shirt was at Herm to Hockeytown (those who were there know what I’m talking about).  There were a couple games that influenced the three horse race that’s shaping up.  I got so wrapped up in the whole going to the game thing last night that I didn’t even realize Nashville was playing LA last night…smelled like a three point game didn’t it?


  • TBL vs CBJ – A Western Conference team defeated and Eastern Conference team?  You MUST be joking…oh wait, the East sucks.  Let’s move on.
  • EDM vs DET – Thank you, Brad Stuart.  And Lilja scored?  What the—?
  • CHI vs STL – Um…anybody else notice that we’re only 6 points behind Chicago now?  Not quite the Central domination it was shaping up to be.  Who knows what implications that final game just might have…
  • LAK vs NSH – Thank the good lord this didn’t get to OT.  On one hand the team behind us gained ground, but on the other hand the team ahead of us didn’t.  Like I said, “hmm”.
  • PHX vs VAN – We’re not catching Phoenix and nobody is catching Vancouver in the Northwest.  So who cares?  Well we do, if we face Vancouver in the first round because they are lights out at home.

And with that in mind, we take a look at the standings…

Two games in-hand on Nashville and only a point behind?  Yeah, I’ll take that.  Los Angeles managed to defeat Bubba last night with their 3rd string goalie who was just recalled when the back-up went down.  Back-to-back nights NOT seeing the starting goaltender?  Must be nice, Bubba.  Too bad you blew it.  At home.  Ouch.