The Preview from Above

While we’re waiting for the diggers to wake up from their Olympic slumber, let’s see what David from Mile High Hockey had to say about tonight’s match-up…

As this marquee match-up is the only game on the NHL slate tonight, the ramifications are rather simple for both clubs. If the Avs get at least a point, they will move ahead of Vancouver to the top of the Northwest Division, jumping from 6th to 3rd in the conference. If Detroit gets a win (a point is not enough), they’ll jump from 10th in the West to that all-important 8th position.

Look at those Baby Avs go.  I still can’t beleive this team is so far up in the standings.  But, a regulation win for the Wings will indeed put us in back in the top eight, and only 6 points behind this very same Colorado team.

Of course, because of a bunch of suits, DirecTV customers like myself will have to either skip the game or find an illegal stream (I’ll be going for the latter, thanks). This is the last regular season game the Avs are slated to play on the NHL’s black hole broadcast network. I’m not ready to start thinking about what happens if this petty bullshit isn’t resolved by the time the playoffs start…

David is, of course, speaking about the VS network.