The PK Will Be Fixed


The Namesake spoke with Khan(!) about the lapse in Game 1 while short-handed…

“The good things you did during the season will help get that PK back on track.  It starts with winning that faceoff, making sure you’re in the lanes, making sure the puck’s not getting through to the net, being hard on the puck when you get it on the wall and in the corners, get it 200 feet (down the ice). Make it tough on them to get the puck in the zone.”–Darren Helm

It also helps when you’re able to skate to the lane without getting knocked on your can by the captain of the other team.

“We all know they should have had an interference call on the one.  The one where we ran out of position is ridiculous.  So you’ve given them two you shouldn’t have. That gives them momentum.”–Milke Babcock

First step to fixing the problem is admitting that there was one.  Drapes saw it:

“Unfortunately, our PK, which did such a great job all year, had a little hiccup, but there’s a lot of character in this dressing room.  Guys are going to bounce back. In the playoffs, specialty teams are such a big key.”

And Jimmy isn’t worried:

“It’s not like brain surgery we’re trying to deal with here. Just a couple of tweaks, and we’ll be fine for (Game 2).”

Me?  I’m still thinking that we’ve already seen the best that Phoenix has to offer.  Detroit has yet to tip their hand.  Now another performance like Game 1 on the PK, and I’ll start stressing.  But for now, I’m going to sit back and see what happens.

Cheat on those face-offs, boys.  “Cheat like a banshee” as my one coach used to say.  I’m not sure if banshees are known for cheating, but Detroit needs to be the banshees that cheat.  Franzen can step in if Datsyuk gets kicked out.  Filppula can step in if Zetterberg gets kicked out.  Cleary can step in if Helm gets kicked out.  And Draper can step in if Abdelkader gets kicked out.  Win those face-offs.

Oh and refs…try and call the picks set by that idiot lining up on the inside, will ya?