The Perfect Ending?


For some reason, The Free Press decided to take some time to discuss the whole “will Lidstrom retire after this season?” discussion.  Sure, he’s 39 and sure, his contract is up at the end of this season.  I’ll even go so far as to say his play this season may be a step down from where is has been in the past.  But is his play deteriorating so much as to warrant the retirement talk?

I said a while ago, I think before the season even started, that Lidstrom might retire after this year if he wins the gold medal at the Olympics.  I said he might retire if the Wings turn this season around and win another Stanley Cup. And I said he will retire if he can accomplish both of those (what better way to end a career?)

I think that we’re all in agreement that Lidstrom should and most likely will be back next season, but at what price in terms of a cap hit?  Right now he’s the highest paid player on the team, but should he be starting next season?  Will King Lidas and Kenny Holland be able to work out a short term deal (I say 2 years) at a number that will help our Gary’s Cap situation?

What is Nick saying about all of this?

“I haven’t thought much about it.  It’s something I’ll think about after the season is over.”

Lidstrom pretty much has the ball in his court.  And he has earned the right to make the call.  Who would be angry at the guy for wanting equal salary for a couple more seasons?  We know that he’s not quite the defenseman he was a few years ago, but he is still one of the best defensemen to ever play the game.  Now, should he decide to go the humble route and take a pay-cut?  That would untie Kenny’s hands and give him some wiggle room to pull off a move in the summer time.

So Nick hasn’t given it much thought, but I bet Mr. Holland has.  In fact, I’m sure he has.  It’s his job to do so, right?  Why I bet they have a bunch of MIT interns running the numbers through some super computer right now, calculating all possible outcomes.

So what’s the perfect ending for the Perfect Human?