The Mule Gets a New Nickname

Because the Mule scared the clean thoughts out of me as I sat at my computer and read the blogs earlier tonight (lolcatz jk omgz wuz alreddy on the badsites), and because I read, specifically, the comments on this piece at A2Y:

…I felt the need to set the record straight.

The Mule already has a second nickname, other than The Mule. It’s Magnifico Giganticus, which, if you’re too lazy (i.e. if you’re visiting this site from within the United States) to follow the link, means he is a clown and a retard, and some sort of f***ing retarded-clown-genius. But no! He doesn’t touch boys, so don’t worry, it’s okay. Magnifico Giganticus is an absolutely wonderful character. He works from the opposite side of the Foundation with/against the Foundation to save/destroy the Foundation until the Foundation learns two things:

Number 1 It doesn’t matter, the Mules wins anyway.

& Even if the Mule doesn’t win, his tactics have set the battle such that it doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to fight or has already given up and given in to him anyway so what’s the point?

Letter B It doesn’t matter, there exists a Second Foundation of which nobody has heard about…except for the f***ing Mule and Magnifico Giganticus.

So yeah, I’m a bit perturbed by the behavior of the 19 this season. Trading Happy….benching Modano…Using MacCollum…Slaughtering Ozzie and stashing his body in the trunk of TDT’s car. Get real, kids.