The Expendables

Another slow day in the news means that I have to try and come up with something to post for you guys.  And in honor of Sly having the biggest opening weekend of his career (which is sad), I’ve decided to honor those Free Agents/Trades that Detroit made in recent history that just didn’t pan out the way would we would have liked…

Pardon the shotty workmanship with the letters…I did the best I could.

  • Marian Hossa – scored 40 goals in the 08-09 regular season…zero in seven games against his former team in the SCF.  The jumped ship to Chicago. F**k you.
  • Uwe Krupp – came from the hated Colorado Avalanche.  Signed a giant four year deal and played in all of 30 games of that contract.  Sat out due to “back problems” and then was found in Alaska dog-sledding.
  • Ray Whitney – scored 43 points in his one season (’03-’04) with Detroit…he has scored more than 50 points in every single season since leaving Detroit.
  • Derian Hatcher – Michigan native who was brought on board for the ’03-’04 season and then suffered a catastrophic knee injury.  Played in all of 15 games, then the lockout happened, then we let him go.
  • Wendel Clark – played most of his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs when that rivalry was at his peak.  Acquired by Detroit at the ’98-’99 trade deadline…never clicked and not re-signed in the off-season.
  • Brad Norton – tough guy that was signed by Detroit in ’06-’07 off-season.  He played in a total of 6 games.  Wasn’t re-signed after one season (shocking).
  • Kyle Calder – traded Jasan Williams (when he was decent) to Chicago for Kyle Calder because he was supposed to bring us some grit.  He was a healthy scratch for most of the ’07-’08 play-offs and signed with LA in the off-season.
  • Curtis Joseph – Cujo had a phenominal regular season in ’02-’03 but collapsed in the play-offs during our sweep at the hands of Anaheim.  He had a less than stellar regular season the following year, shouldn’t have been blamed for our play-off loss to Calgary, but was cut loose after two seasons.
  • Bob Essensa – played in a total of 13 regular season games for Detroit going 4-7-2.  For some reason, we let him play in the play-offs in two games…he lost both of them.