The Dallas Reaction

As a Red Wings fan, I can’t possibly care any less about the emotions of other fans in other arenas around the country when we show up.  In fact, part of me wants them to be jealous of what we have.  So even though I don’t really care whether or not Dallas chooses to boo Mike Modano, their long time favourite player, I am torn.  On one side, I will envy their class and hockey knowledge if they applaud him.  On the other hand, I want them to be continue to be Texans and make complete A-holes of themselves by booing a player who didn’t leave by choice.  He was told he would not be re-signed by his long time line mate turned A-hole GM, Joe Nweiwuiewidyk, or whatever.  So what was he supposed to do?  We’ll know how Dallas fans answer that question tonight as Babs starts Modano.

Babcock’s expectations?

“Hope he plays great and gets three (goals),” Wings coach Mike Babcock said. “I think they’re going to cheer him like crazy initially and boo him after that.”

Fair enough, I say.