The Cure for Score Watching

Well…we’re still in 8th place:

There certainly were a lot of games on last night…but you know what?  I didn’t watch a single one.  I found something to keep me occupied.  It’s a show called “The Deadliest Warrior” on Spike.  Basically, they pit two different kinds of ancient fighters and do tests on their weapons and techniques, then plug the results into a computer and simulate a battle between the two.  Would a computer really know how a fight would go based on numerical data from test results?  Hell no.  But I still found it intriguing.

I got back to score watching this morning when I woke up.  Here’s how I looked at the Western Conference scores (or games that had at least on WC team)…


Only one three-point game is a good thing.  The Islanders beat up on Chicago…which is pretty cool.  Edmonton insisted on giving this game to Nashville (watch the replays).  Jack Johnson, Dustin Brown, and company took care of Dallas for us.  The Blues are starting to play better hockey…which has me a little worried.  And The Seafood was bested by the Devil.

…oh and a Shaolin Monk is more deadly than a Maori Warrior, a Pirate is more deadly than a Knight, and William Wallace is more deadly than Shaka Zulu.