The Cup is in France and Nobody Cares

From the Summer with Stanley blog at

As Cristobal makes his way down the Eiffel Tower he is greeted with chants and applause. He is now taking the time to sign autographs and take pictures before giving the Cup back to Phil Pritchard for its trip to Sweden. –Paul Vinciguerra

Chants and applause eh?

Really, Vince?  That crow of at least 40 strong must have had thunderous applause.  And what could they have possibly been chanting?  Perhaps the Montreal “Ole’, Ole’, Ole'”?  Notice the ONE NHL jersey seen in this pic is a Carey Price Montreal Canadians jersey…figures.

Don’t let the crowd in the background throw you off.  I’m sure there were a lot more people ticked off by the fact they closed down the Eiffel Tower for Huet than there were people excited to see the Cup.  I hope he was at least able to feign some enthusiasm for the Cup he had little to do with.

A bittersweet day with the Cup for both Chicago netminders as niether of them will be playing for the team next year.  At least Niemi had his fate decided already…Cristobal here has to wait until the twelfth day prior to the start of the season before he officially gets demoted and has his career destroyed.

Thanks again, Dale Tallon.