The Circus Splits, but it’s OK


From Khan(!)

“ focus right now has to be coming back to play for the Red Wings.  We have a couple of huge games before the break, we want to do everything we can to win those games.”–Niklas Kronwall

Well, he obviously said that before last night’s game when we still had a couple games before the break.  Kronwall didn’t play for the 4th straight time and Babcock has absolutely no idea what the hell is going on with Kronner’s knee:

“We brought him back from injury (sprained MCL) way longer after we expected. We thought he was out for four weeks and then he was out for forever.  We thought he was as healthy as can be. He kind of got hit from behind in the leg (in San Jose on Feb. 2) and then he was fine, no problem. He practiced the other day, was fine. He got on the plane, he couldn’t move.”

I’m not going to pretend that I know what’s going on with that situation.

In other news, since the Franzen/Zetterberg/Datsyuk line played so well last night, our boy, Babbles is splitting them up:

“That line was very dominant.  Now, we’ll split those guys up, Pav and Z, and we’ll get four lines and can really come at teams and make sure each line has a net presence on it. We didn’t do it today because we hadn’t practiced with it. But that’s been our plan here for a while, and we’ll spread that out.”

I say you keep Mule with Pav, since Datsyuk will feed him the puck.  And you put Z with Bert, because Bert will feed him the puck.  That would give us the following lineup (today’s move pending)…




Throw Lilja in that defensive corps, and you got yourself a peach of a lineup.