The Angriest Man in San Jose

It happens every year.  As sure as the Western road to the Stanley Cup leads through Detroit, the inevitable collapse of the San Jose Sharks.  Time and time again the Sharks prove that Evgeni Nabokov can’t win the big game, that Jumbo Joe Thornton doesn’t have the heart to match his body, and that Patrick Marleau couldn’t lead his team out of a brown paper bag.

Why should this year be any different?  Did you see Nabokov play in the Olympic Game versus Canada?  You think Dany Heatley’s half-hearted play plus Joe Thornton’s half-hearted play would equal a whole heart?  Do you think that taking Marleau’s “C” away was going to do diddly-squat?

And you know what?  The San Jose fans must be sick to death of it.  Can you imagine if all the regular season glory of Detroit came with absolutely nothing to show for it.  Remember how much that 1995 President’s Trophy meant after getting waxed in the Finals by New Jersey?  Now imagine that they never even made it to the Stanley Cup Finals…ever.  It would be hard being a fan for a team like that wouldn’t it?  Well guess what?  It doesn’t seem to be all that pleasant for the media members either.

Why even bring this up?  Because I have the NHL Network, and on this NHL Network is a program called “Frozen In Time”.  Today’s episode showcased the 2009 Play-offs.  You know the one I’m talking about, where the President Trophy-winning San Jose Sharks bowed out in the first round to the Anaheim Ducks.  Not only did the program show the on-ice replays of the series.  But the post-game interviews after the series clinching sixth game.  And that’s where things got (even more) amusing…


Doesn’t look like this media member is too impressed with what Evgeni Nabokov has to say.  In fact it looks like he wants to shove on of those microphones up Nabby’s corn shoot.  I’m guessing that Nabokov would have seen a few of these glances back in Russia if TV feeds went both ways.  And all I could say aloud was “Man, that guy looks pissed.”

But that’s not all.  Just moments later, they showed the interview with Patrick Marleau…

“Oh my god, there he is again!”  He looks just as amused with what the future ex-captain of the Sharks had to say.  One could assume that the death stare of this reporter (which looks as if it could burn through lead) captures the collective feelings of all San Jose fans.  And it makes me laugh.

Not much to do with Detroit…that is unless we draw them in the first round this year.  How many members of that organ-i-zation are looking forward to that match-up?  How many fans?  Do you think this guy would be happy about that?  I’m not sure if he’s been happy about anything since the day these photos were taken.