That Extra Point Would Have Been Nice

Well, we recorded OTL number eleven last night.  Only one other team has dropped more games in extra innings than the Detroit Red Wings.  And they just happen to be one point behind us in the standings.  Speaking of the Western Conference Standings, have you looked at them lately?

That’s right…the Ducks are one win away from passing us.  If they beat Edmonton tonight, we’ll be hitting the double digits…ouch.

If Detroit had just closed out 5 out of those 11 OTL’s, we’d be sitting in 7 place right now with a three point cushion.  I don’t want to be sitting here typing “if” scenarios come spring because the Wings didn’t make the post-season.

We all wondered how they would respond to the desperate situation of being on the outside looking in (in terms of the top 8).  Well, it hasn’t been good thus far.

At least Ottawa had the decency to oust Calgary in regulation.

Get it going, boys.