Thanks for the New Verb, Patrick

It’s already started…

It’s been used over 25 times already on Twitter.  Used by Red Wing internet All-Stars such as mserven, mpetrella, HTstatic, and SnipeDangle.

The term is “Eavesed” referring to…whatever the hell it was that Patrick Eaves was trying to pull of on Saturday’s shoot-out attempt and landing flat on his face.  Move over “Wideman goes wide”…there’s a new kid in town.


They’re still laughing about in on the team as well, as per the Free Press:

“I was dying laughing.  It was hilarious. There is no other way to describe it. I just got caught in a rut or something and toe-picked it, went airborne and slid into the corner, laughing. When I got back to the bench, it took everyone a second to stop laughing. There was a big celebration when I got back to the bench and in the locker room – we probably celebrated more about that than if I would have actually scored. It was pretty funny.”–Patrick Eaves

I laughed…but it was a nervous laugh.  Because if he had cost us the game by pulling that crap…I wouldn’t be joking around about it today.

“He said he’s an entertainer.  He said he was doing it for the boys.”–Derek Meech

Babcock, whom I don’t remember seeing right after it happened, but I’d be very curious to see what kind of expression he had on his face at the time, had this to say:

“What I liked best is that he was laying on the ice, smiling. That’s what life is about – you get out there and you give it everything you’ve got. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and you get up, you have a smile on your face, you get ready to do it again. I mean, he toe-picked on the one foot, then he toe-picked on the second foot, and that’s what happened right there. But he pumped him good. It was a good opportunity. You know, he might have a torn ego, or something like that, but he’ll be all right. He’ll keep going.”

As long as that’s all that got torn on that play.

So the next time you stumble out of an elevator, or better yet see someone elsetake an embarrassing tumble at an inappropriate time, make sure you tell them that they just “Eavesed” and add a little confusion to their humiliation.