Thank You, Lil Hawks

Last night was a tale of two Millers.  Our own, Drew Miller, scored the third Detroit goal in regulation and clinched the extra point with his shootout winner.  Buffalo’s Ryan Miller, goaltender for the Buffalo Sabres and big brother to Drew, fell to the Los Angeles Kings in a game that would garuntee Detroit a spot in the top eight this morning.

But wait…what’s this?

We still passed up the slumping Calgary Flames to crack the top eight thanks to our little brothers from the Windy City.  It’s not a good time for hockey in the province of Alberta right now.

Five points out of 4th place and only 3 points behind the Predators for 2nd in the Division.  We’ll see how Bubba fares against the Avalanche tonight.  Either way, Detroit is right in the thick of things now.

Think tomorrow’s game against LA is big?

I think so too.