Tear a Donny Strip Off ’Em

This made me laugh, so I figured I’d pass it on to you.  Here’s the prelude via macleans.ca:

I had a late lunch yesterday at a bar on Robson and overheard a few guys analyzing the performance of Canada’s men’s hockey team. I thought you’d appreciate hearing their input since they seemed pretty confident they had it all figured out. That’s why I took notes. I guess what I’m saying is: Give this a read and it’s pretty much “Good night, Germany.”

P.S. The language they used was a little saucy so I took the liberty of replacing the “f-word” with the names of various Osmonds.

I had no idea that there were this many Osmonds…but let’s get to the conversation:

Guy1: Here’s one thing I don’t Donny get. This Merrill business about chemistry.

JFM: Marie right.

Guy1: You’re making $40 million Jimmy dollars a year or whatever, you should be able to step on the Merrill ice and say, “Hi, my Alan name is Sidney Donny Crosby, let’s go score some goals together.”

JFM: Marie right.

Guy3: One of those Jay guys came in here right now, I’d say it to their Alan, Merrill face.

JFM: Marie.

Guy1: You’re playing in your own Jimmy backyard. I just don’t Wayne understand.

[Long pause. Some contemplative beer drinking.]

Guy3: What you gotta Merrill do is go into that Donny dressing room and kick some Alan ass. These guys are so Jay pampered.

JFM: Marie right.

Guy3: Get in there and tear a Donny strip off ’em!

Guy1: Motivate ’em.

JFM: True. Marie true.

[Another pause.]

Guy1: Donny Brodeur.


Is ‘tear a Donny strip off’ ’em‘ good enough for a new phrase to use around here? 

I think so.