Taking this Seriously


From the Free Press this afternoon…

“We have to be prepared and work hard each and every night.  We like our team. We think we have a chance. We all understand we have to be ready for tomorrow.”–Mike Babcock

Doesn’t matter that you’ve had three days to rest.  Doesn’t matter that you’re playing the last place team in the conference.  Doesn’t matter that you’ve strung together a league best 7-2-0 record since the Olympics.  You need to win tomorrow or we’re back right where we started.  Think Nashville is going to lose tonight?  Think again.  We’re not that lucky and nobody seems to want to help us out, least of all, Pinky’s Wild.

As far as Nick Lidstrom is concerned, the message has been delivered:

“We know how important tomorrow’s game is.  We know we still have to play with desperation.”

Walk the walk, boys.  No excuses.  Play like a champion.