Sweden is Not Happy

So the Olympic Break looms, rosters need to be finalized by February 15th.  And Johan Franzen is set to play before that…and the Swedes are not happy about it, according to the Free Press:

“You can ask yourself the following question: Would he have been back on the team if Detroit would have been first in the conference? Or is it because they’re in a tough spot?”— Mats Näslund, Team Sweden Manager

The local doc also chimed in…

“Letting (Franzen) play within the first six months after the injury is way too early, medically. … They are risking the function of his knee.”Bjorn Waldebäck

The Mule had something to say to his countrymen…and it might surprise you.

“He should know about me. He’s around here every day. Has he seen me practice? I don’t think so.  I’m going to try to get three games in here before the break, but I probably won’t be 100% and then I don’t want to play in Olympics. I don’t want to risk not being any good.”

There you have it folks, Johan doesn’t want to risk playing in Vancouver…interesting.