Sushi is Still On the Menu

Remember this little number after the Wings beat the Seafood the last time?

It was a little before I honed my paint skills, but the selection behind the glass remains the same.

It’s the same San Jose team it’s always been.  Sure they have Dan Boyle back, but it’s the same old Heartless Joe Thornton.  It’s still the same old whiny pot-head Dany Heatley.  Still old as dirt and large-bottomed Rob Blake.  It’s still just the Seafood.

I want that sushi roll

Hotter than wasabi

We’re racing for the play-offs

Shake ‘n bake

Ricky Bobby

Thanks Young Money. 

Alright, so I’m little loopy today, but the facts remain the same.  Two home games before the big break.  Two must-win games. Four must-have points.  No excuses, just win.