Sushi, Anyone?


After a bad start, the Wings gave us back that filet-o-fish.  Jimmy gave up two softies (he needs to work on that rebound control) before finally settling in.  Even Big Joe T steam-rolling him at the end wasn’t going to stop him from showing up his Russian adversary…still tied in save percentage?  Not anymore.

And who the hell decided to put Meech back on the 2nd PP unit?  Because they deserve a pat on the back.  I know we’ve been hating on the guy and it was a garbage goal…but that’s why we pay the coaching staff the big bucks, so they can play hunches like that.

The Flying Circus was a force on the PP.  Welcome back Holmstrom.

Sign Eaves to a 5-year extension.  We’ll make Draper stay in shape all five of those years to keep the Little Red Corvette line together.  What a pass by Rafalski.

That was a huge win.  Because we weren’t getting any help around the league.  Nashville and Phoenix had a 3 point game (of course), the Rangers floundered against LA, Dallas took out Pinky’s team, and Colorado beat up on the Blue Jackets.

So yeah…we needed those two points.  Guess what?  We got them.  If the play-offs started today, that’s your first round matchup.  Think San Jose would like that?  I didn’t think so either.