Sunday Scores: 3/21

Sorry about the mix-up with the titles.  Here’s the post again.

We’re inside of three more weeks of regular season score watching.  Thank the lord.  Yesterday went a little something like this…


Whoops.  Calgary started Vesa Toskala yesterday against the Wild.  The Flames needed that win to keep pace with us…they lost.

I’ve just given up on the notion that we might get ANY help with Nashville.  It’s just not going to happen.  Trotz has his boys rolling right now.  I think it was last week when I started saying that we should set our sites on some other team. 

Look at those Phoenix Puppy Dogs go.  Just wait until you see the standings. 

I thought San Jose would at least wait until the play-offs before falling apart, but they lost their lead in the Pacific Division for the first time in a long, long time.  Maybe they’re thinking that if they start playing like crap now, the shock of their early play-off exit will be lessened somewhat.

Now that we’ve established that Nashville will probably win every game from here on out (just to spite Detroit), we can start looking at Colorado as the team to catch.  But with the jostling going on in the top three spots, who knows what seed would be best for Detroit.

And the standings are…

It’s looking like the young teams in Denver and LA are finally starting to come back down to Earth.  I thought this was going to happen a long time ago, but as the more veteran-based teams like Detroit and Nashville are picking up their game, they may also start picking off the play-off seeds (Nashville already has).

This is going to be an interesting last few weeks.