Street Light People


Have you been noticing the theme in my post-win titles lately?  There’s a recurring theme.  I actually heard that song on my way home from work last night.  Rolled the windows down (it was just warm enough) and let that b*tch blast as loud as it would go.  I stopped at the mall to pick up a new book (it wasn’t there), only to realize that I parked in section #40 outside Nordstrom’s at the Twelve Oaks mall in Novi.  Stopped at a gas station and pumped $40.00 dollars worth of gas into my car…yeah, I was feeling it last night.

Not so much at the start of the game.  The Red Wings’ strategy of putting the Blues to sleep in the first period was a little dis-heartening.  Where was the desperation?  Where was the team I had started to become accustomed to seeing?

They showed up in the second and third period.  Luckily, Jimmy Howard kept us in the game until the boys woke up.

The Bertuzzi-Zetterberg-Filppula line is absolutely dynamite.  What a move to put those together.  Just hand Babcock the Jack Adamas award, cue music, curtain falls.  Nah, that’s a pipe dream…Dave Tippet is winning that this year no matter what happens from here on out.

Keys to last night’s game, with a little help from Khan(!)

  • The Red Wings are now 10 points up on the Blues….bye bye
  • Bertuzzi continued to make Petrella eat crow, even if he had other things on his mind: “I got high-sticked (cut over left eye), so I was more worried about my eye than what was going on.  I was just standing there, trying to create some room and it went off my back foot and in the net.”–Todd Bertuzzi
  • Jimmy Howard reached 30 wins last night…pretty impressive.  The last goalie to do that as a rookie?  Steve Mason for the BJ’s…he happened to win the Calder last year **cough cough** “It (30 wins) is great, but it comes with the team playing well in front of me.  It’s definitely not something I see as an individual stat.”–Jimmah
  • We should have been playing Filppula on wing all along.  Maybe he’d have been producing like this, and no one would have been calling for his trade…shame on you, by the way.