Stop Acting Like You’re In

From the Detroit News

“I wouldn’t mind feeling a bit more tension and anxiety in this room. These guys think they are in. You talk to them and they just believe they’re getting in, and I think that’s great. But you and I both know the only way we’re getting in is if we start playing better.  And I’m not just talking about playing better for a period or for a few minutes. I’m talking for 60 minutes. We need to put a run together. Are we capable? Yes. But the intensity level and how hard we play has to pick up.”–Mike Babcock

Oh and Mike doesn’t agree with Mickey Redmond in terms of how many games you have to win out of every five:

I said we have to win four out of every five the rest of the way.  Since we lost, now we have to run the table and win the next four.”

That’s a tall order, coach.  I’m fairly certain that winning 13 out of the final 16 games would get us into the post-season…but is that an attainable goal? 

Aim high, I guess.