Still Waiting on Z

It was rumored that Zetterberg might return to the lineup tonight against the Anaheim Ducks.  winged_wheelZetterberg said yesterday that he would see how his injured shoulder felt after this morning’s skate.

Once again, the line has gone dead from our beat writers.  Did the Wings even skate this morning?  I know there’s a time difference, but it’s 11 o’clocl in Phoenix right now, so the skate should be over.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind Zata taking a couple more days to let that shoulder heal.  Having separated a shoulder playing hockey myself a few years ago, I know how painful it can be to get hit before you’re truly ready.  Cleary already ruled himself out for tonight’s game and aims for a Thursday return against the Kings.

I know we need all the points that we can get, but do you really want guys with injuries playing against the Ducks?  They aren’t the goons they once were, but there’s still plenty of dirt on that squad to have me feel a little uneasy about a premature return for our future captain.

I’ll let you know if I get confirmation.  Until then; stay tuned.