Still Too Angry to Write

I’ve attended two games in this play-offs, and I may not get a chance to see another this year.  Those two games that I’ve gone to, have been two of the ugliest games I’ve watched in a long, long time.

  • The two games in Sweden hurt this October, because I paid so much money and flew all the way over there to see them lose both games
  • It sucked watching them get shut out two times in a row in November against Atlanta and Calgary

But nothing….NOTHING compares to how mad it makes me to go and see a team put forth that kind of effort in their own barn during an elimination game.

Nine goals against in the two games that I attended.  Nine freaking goals.

And don’t give me that “gamewrecker” crap, as if my actual attendance had any sway on what went on in the locker room, or on the ice for 60 minutes.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and if Detroit gets eliminated by this inferior team, in the first round, on the day of my birth…I might just shut this place down.