Still Giving to the Game

winged_wheelStick tap to NOHS reader, D.M.N. for pointing out this story:

“I try to pass on experience from the NHL, from going through playing junior in North America, and passing that experience on. I am not that much older than the players and there is only 10 years between us. It is nice to feel there is something I can share and if I can help the guys broaden their view of things, all the better.” — Assistant Coach to the Czech Republic team at the World Junior Championships

You might know the guy, his name is Jiri Fischer.

That quote was taken from a story over at NHL Fanhouse discussing Fischer’s continuing participation in hockey.  Fischer, who left home as a teenager to play in the QMJHL, provides a unique perspective to young players.  Fischer nearly died when his heart abnormality caused his ticker to completely stop during a game (that NOHS Chris was actually attending) against Nashville a few years ago.  Immediately after an emotional retirement announcement, Ken Holland gave Fischer a job within Detroit’s player development.

He’s currently using both his experience as a NHL pro and a member of the greatest organ-i-zation in sports to help his native land’s World Junior team in Buffalo right now.

“I noticed in general, when I was going to cardiac rehab, that people who had been though life-altering things, cancer, cardiac problems, the people who survive those things certainly appreciate life more.”— Jiri Fischer

Even though his playing days were cut extremely short, Jiri Fischer still has a lot to offer the game of hockey.