Stevie-Y Speaks

Charlie Gillis of had a sit-down with the captain of all captains, Steve Yzerman to talk about the upcoming Olympics.  In the interview, Stevie goes into surprising details about many different topics.

Why did the aging hipster get the “C”?

Why don’t you allow faux-hawks on the team? (Mike Green was cut)

But the most pressing question if you’re a Red Wings fan was, in fact, the last question asked:

Q: Are we going to see Steve Yzerman managing an NHL team someday?
A: [Laughs] That depends on how the Olympics go. You may never see me again!

It’s not something that we have to worry about now, but maybe somewhere down the road…would Stevie leave us for another organ-i-zation?  You can’t let Kenny Holland go.  He’s done more for this team during his tenure than anybody could have possibly imagined.

We were lucky enough that Jim Nill has stuck around as a supporting role for so long.  Nilly needs to talk to Yzerman…he needs to tell him reasons for staying, over and over and over again.

Stevie-Y, even as a GM, working for another team is just unthinkable.

Anyway…back to stressing about tonight.